Monday, June 3, 2013

SVF Makes a Trip to Beltane

Last Tuesday some of us farmers went down to Lebanon CT to visit Beltane Farm, to check out what they do and see exactly where and how the farmstead cheese they make comes to be! We saw a variety of Oberhasli, La Mancha, and Saanen goats and was given a tour of their land by the owner and a few interns. 
We got to pet them, hold them, watch them play, watch them chew our hands/shirts/hair, and also got to try their milk, yogurt, and a variety of cheeses. It was a wonderful way to spend the morning, and really informative. Now our fridge is filled with delicious goat milk products, and hopefully another visit will be in order soon! 
For more information, check out their website:

Even Tyler has a soft spot for the little babies.

Siena put a sleepy spell on this one.


Julia has a little furry friend!

Just a few goats doin' their goat thang.

VIP access!

       Just a curious lil goat checking out what kind of camera I have by giving my lens a nice big lick!

                                                     Molly, Queen of the Goats. 

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