Sunday, November 4, 2012

Emergency Update

Semester’s a little over halfway complete and there’s been no word! Suspicious…(it couldn't possibly be my fault!)

Ehem, so therefore here’s a speedy, semi-all encompassing update as proof of the existence, maintenance and further excellence of Spring Valley ESTUDENTE Farm.

First and foremost there is finally a LOGO!!!!! (look up at the top of the screen for reference) More excitingly, WE HAVE A BEAUTIFUL HAND PAINTED SIGN!!!!!!!!!! (mainly due to the existence and talents of Laura Rice and Paul Parzyszek) Here it is with the Oak Cottage peaking in at the right.

Another unrepresented structure, erected last year, is or marvelous green house. This weekend someone installed a vent! (it's the big tube - our greenhouse aspires to be a green steam train!)

Now what's that structure peaking in from the right? Oh yes, it's Spring Valley Student Farm's own Rimol Rolling Thunder Hoop House! It has gotten a bit further in it's aspirations of becoming a train, it can roll about 90ft down the plot on its very own tracks.

So far, it harbors the leftover swiss chard as well as newly planted baby spinach, kale, and ovations greens.

With the recent frosts, many plants have decided to leave us for the season. The farewell of the zinnia was perhaps the most stunning.

Of the remaining plants, the cilantro has braved the cold most impressively, surviving a most brutal frost which took out our remaining peppers, outdoor swiss chard, and dill. Pictured here, several weeks later, happily coexisting with the common mallow.

The only bright flowers left can be found on broccoli raab... and we're not sure we were supposed to let them get to that point! (But look at how marvelously bright and pretty they are!)

More pictures of the heroic cilantro and mesclun mix!

More hoophouse photos of the hoop house!

This piece is entitled: the boy who fed the chickens mangles

A little bit to the right of Oak Cottage, the beginnings of a new project can be seen. In the works is a forest garden. 

                                                                         The initial steps entail cleaning up a stretch of land between the two houses. Lumberjack Brett Lehner has gotten a jump on things by taking down the invasive Norway Maples. 

A bridge across the vast ravine has formed!

Several educational moments have also been spotted in occurrence! Here is a picture of the Walk-tober event held at Spring Valley Student Farm, an interactive exploration of the history surrounding the farm.

Several people have also been initiated into the order of rototiller drivers. (disclaimer - a lot more jittery than it looks!)

And finally, let me introduce you to the Kousa Dogwood Fruit. 
This funky lookin' berry is friendly,
 smells like a peach and has a delicate taste 
which goes into accordance with the delightful orange color of its insides. 

Surprised that something brightly colored and spiky is edible? 
Yeah. We were too.

-Spring Valley Farmers