Sunday, November 13, 2011

EcoHouse & SVF: Yale Farm Trip

Here's some pictures from our trip with EcoHouse to the Yale Student Farm in New Haven!
Photo credit: Kayla Bingham

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A pleasant hello to all!

After an insanely productive summer during which Spring Valley Farm was practically overthrown by tomato plants, kale, and swiss chard (along with a flourishing of marigolds and a very amusing rectangle of corn) came the dawn of a new era! (cue that semi epic music here for more dramatic effect)

Many changes have fallen, or not so much fallen as waltzed, deliberately stumbled or arrived in place. Two very big ones being:

We have acquired a wonderful Julia! (and by Julia I mean farm manager who brings us bagels sometimes and cooks marvelous wasabi chicken. oh and helps us with planting and stuff, but that’s on the side… kidding, kidding)
We have acquired a second house. (well not so much we as UConn, and unexcitingly it didn’t fall from the sky onto a plot of land but already existing and in need of renovation)

SO! Inevitably that means there are more of “us” living at the farm this year.

We have…

Andrew B, resident coffee brewer and peanut butter [consumer|cookie maker]
Andrew L, resident carrot enthusiast and jam maker
Chris, resident musician and chief goofy dancer
Laura, resident [comic] artist and life commentator
Lina, resident apple fanatic and specialized food burner
Paul, resident painter and chief book reader
Shane, resident motorcyclist and avid “on repeat” music blaster
Tanner, resident early bird and wood burner
Tanya, resident pottery maniac and fish owner
Trevor, resident dreadie and rabbit lover
Andrew Le, resident grad student and marathon runner

Other inventory includes:

  • A new shed (non-lead painted)
  • Playset style chicken coop
  • New fence extension! (without electricity running through it)
  • And soon to arrive chickens!
[more to come sooooooooooooon] +[pictures]