Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Birthday!...and other pre-thanksgiving happenings

Hi All -- A belated post from the previous semester!

We finished up our last week of classes before Thanksgiving break with a celebration (and lots of chores!). A big Happy Birthday (and congratulations!) to our very own Tanner Burgdorf, who celebrated a 22nd birthday and two UConn Environmental Leadership Awards. SVF was named as one of the award winners for 2012, as well as Tanner for his great achievements in landscape architecture.

In late November, we enjoyed an early snowfall, so we kept busy buttoning up the houses, the basements, the greenhouse and the hoop house for the winter.

A word on seed inventory and shed inventory: A round of applause to Paul and Laura, for their painstaking efforts in cataloging the contents of the basement and the shed. Why didn't we plant those giant pumpkin seeds!?