Friday, June 14, 2013

Harvest Days

I figured that including some background and pictures would be nice to include to show everyone what a morning harvesting looks like. So, this summer season Tyler, Sienna, and I (Molly) pick our veggies every Sunday and Wednesday, for our deliveries on the following day. Mondays we visit the folks at Chuck and Augie's Restaurant (You should check it out...some pretty delicious food located right in the middle of UConn's campus!) and on Thursdays we are part of the "Farm Fresh Market" hosted by dining services each and every week from 11:30-2:00 pm on Fairfield Way. We typically start picking at 6am, and it is always an exciting time to see our labors turn into the final bagged product, washed and ready to go. Check it out...

Here's Kale the Caterpillar, our new pet

Our scale and harvest log that we use to do our thang

Sienna just washing and spinning some leafy greens in our monster spinner

  Just a sidenote on our to-do list white board... :)

Some gorgeous kale flowers we picked the other morning. Tastes juuuust like broccoli and looks so very pretty!

Kale inside the sink, ready to be washed. 

Hey there little guy! Final home for Kale the caterpillar... maybe we'll keep him around for just a bit

More pictures of bigger and more plentiful harvests later in the season soon to come. For now, enjoy.

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