Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Planting Begins

It's that time... planting! So, we have been putting all sorts of deliciousness down in our plots the past few weeks. Recently just finished harvesting our lettuce, and recently planted some tomatoes and cucumbers. We put in a few different varieties of beans, squashes, beets, corn, onions, and lots of flowers to add a bit of color to the already beautiful landscape we live in. Just about to do some more planting right about now! In a few weeks we'll have much more to harvest and until then we will just have to wait patiently until all of our little seedlings decide to pop up.

For now, check out a few pics showing the things the three new farmers (Tyler, Sienna, and Molly) here have been up to...

Harvesting Rainbow Chard...how pretty!

Julia showing us the proper way to pick our spinach.

Beautiful, bountiful rows of spinach 

Adding some life to our labels with bright colors and funky designs 

Um, so how do we get this rock out of the hoop house guys?

This rock ain't got nothin on us. 

Sienna got a little bit of dirt on her from that feat...

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