Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Plant Care

Basic Plant Care for your Earth Day transplants!

Make sure to give them proper lighting and water.  Set your plant on your window sill and make sure the soil is kept moist.  Give it enough water so water starts to drip from the bottom of the pot.

Put a saucer under your pot to retain water and to avoid water leaking on the window sill or worse your laptop.  Be sure not to leave the plants in standing water more than 30 minutes! No drowning of the plants:)

Make sure to keep your transplant away from any radiator or cold drafts.  Be aware that keeping your window open at night could expose your plant to unfavorable conditions.  They don't like the cold or the wind! Exposure to warm air from the radiator could easily dry out your plant.

Believe it or not you will be heading home for the summer in a few weeks.  You will want to give your plant a new home.  You have some options.  You could transplant it into a bigger pot keeping it on your deck or transplant it into your yard.  Either way you will need to put your plant outside in a shady spot that is protected from the wind for a week prior to putting in the direct sun.  Continue to water it.  This will acclimate the plant to growing outdoors.

Now its ready to be placed on your deck or in your yard.  Pick a spot that gets lots of sun.....

.....So your plant looks like this

...........and not like this :) (Over exaggerating, but hey whatever gets the point across)


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