Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to it's playground!
Well, that's what the chickens at SVSF are doing at least.

Another awesome summer project we took on was to extend the chicken coop and build them a little playground so they have more room to hang out and play when we can't let them out onto the farm to roam and play there. We added an additional 10 feet in length to the chicken's fencing and created a little door way for them to go in and out of the new fenced in area. Here's a snap shot of the new fencing!

In addition to the fencing, you may have noticed the wooden structure in the middle. With the help of farmers Laura, Jen and additional assistance from farm groupie/ Laura's boyfriend, Karl, we used twine and some pieces of wood to create a little "playground" as we like to call it for the chickens to hop up on and roost on top of when they wanna flap their wings but don't want to go in their coop. Here's another picture of it in use by the chickens!

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