Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit

Everybody loves beans, maybe you like them in your burrito, or possibly you like them baked, or maybe you just like the song about them. Either way beans are a great crop for our garden and we took no hesitation with the architecture and building of different types of bean poles for our climbing beans. We set out to make two different designs and after much research we settled on two different methods.

Our first idea utilizes wood poles with twine strung across each pole. We hope that the beans will grow up and curl around the different levels.

Our second design is quite different and these ones resemble may poles. We simply took slim branches from the woods and attached twine to the top and fastened the ends into the ground. These are taller and we hope their height will allow them to also grow taller than the other ones.

We are super excited to see the outcome and we will keep you posted on more bean action in the near future.

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