Wednesday, June 13, 2012

From Plots to Plates

Nothing is better than fresh produce for dinner and us at spring valley student farm definitely understand that! Today while reviewing the fields with Julia we got the opportunity to snag two of the Chioggia beets, also known as candy- striped beets. Using the beets, farm fresh eggs from our chickens and a radish from the field Jenn S and I took to making ourselves a little dinner.

Here is a picture of us with our ingredients before cooking them.

Here are the eggs, the beet and the leaves of the beets. We put the beet in tin foil and broiled it in the oven to get all the delicious beet flavors mixed in. We took the stalk of the beets and after lots of rinsing we divided them up into two sections. We sautéed some of the stalks in a pan with the radish and combined it with the scrambled eggs for a makeshift omelet. The remaining stalks we simply steamed because we wanted to enjoy the stalks natural flavor. 

After 30 minutes of broiling, scrambling and sautéing we got our delicious and completely home-harvested meal to perfection.

In the bowl we have the split apart Chioggia beet and the steamed stalks. On the plate is our delicious beet stalks and radish scrambled eggs. The most fun part of the meal was definitely splitting open the Chioggia beets. It was also a pleasant surprise to find out the beets had a different and almost sweeter taste than normal beets that are darker and not striped.

Here's Jenn S. enjoying her meal that came right from the plot to her plate! 

Post by: Jen Kruzansky

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