Monday, March 4, 2013

On Friday March 1st, quite a few EcoHousers caught the shuttle to the farm! Many students had attended the farm-sponsored trip to Logee's greenhouse, and came out on Friday to create terrariums for the plants that they had purchased. While they channeled their inner terrarium-artist in the greenhouse, the rest of the group met up in the hoop-house to work on amending the soil. Alfalfa meal (which smells surprisingly good) was laid down and integrated into the soil in the hopes that it would seep Nitrogen into areas that are deficient due to being cultivated last season. We all got a tutorial in the proper use of the "action hoe" by master Andrew Brown (although some of us preferred to just use our hands!) It was still pretty chilly outside, but everyone who came down on the shuttle got a chance to get their hands dirty.... an early taste of Spring!

:)  Kelsey

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