Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chuck & Augie's @ SVF

We've been putting together our seed list for 2013 with the help of Chuck & Augie's very talented chefs. Here we are in the dining room at our seasonal meeting. Some of C&A's requests for the coming season include fresh fennel, blue and red fingerling potatoes and a variety of micro greens.

Our produce was featured last season in their weekly lunch specials. Here are some highlights from their 2012 menu: 
sweet potato pasta, green peas, prosciutto, portabella mushrooms, shaved parmesan cheese in a thyme butter sauce

orecchiette pasta with squash, shelled peas and shaved parmesan cheese in an herb butter sauce, garnished with a nasturtium

soy sauce balsamic glazed salmon over Asian greens with a cucumber salsa and pickled red onions
grilled steak tacos with fresh corn salsa and a sriracha mustard cream sauce

sriracha soy glazed salmon with ginger rice and arugulla  

a view of our new greenhouse, captured this summer during the chef's visit to Spring Valley Farm

shelling some green peas picked fresh from the field

Huge thanks to Tyler May for his wonderful pictures and the staff at Chuck & Augie's for their hard work. It's an honor to have such a talented team of chefs showcasing our produce in their restaurant and at local events like the Farm to Table dinner. Here's to another year of great food!

Blog cred: Tanya Lama

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