Sunday, February 5, 2012

We the People....

We the farmers here at Spring Valley Student Farm (student title was inserted because apparently there exists a Spring Valley Farm in CT already (Hi other SVF)), are attending to business with farm protocol (seed ordering and what not) but also are looking to set in place a constitution in order to sustain our community and help it develop. Upon meeting with Steve Kremer, director of ResLife, the other day and eating some delicious pizza, we decided to establish a plan and some type of documentation to maintain the community. Incorporating a constitution will also allow us to really determine what our mission is here and how we will go about achieving it. The meeting also laid out a loose plan for what's going to happen in the summer, basically going over the fact that three main farmers will be given positions to do a majority of the tasks and others who live there can help out as sharecroppers part time. Overall it was a rather productive meeting and the upcoming weeks will be very promising in terms of progress for SVSF.
Steve Kremer
The constitution that is going to be worked on by the community's members will delve into all aspects of a community including attending to tasks on the farm, resolving conflicts, and even making amendments and allowing for the system to be dynamic enough to change for the better if needed.
On a more fun note, we held a dinner party on Saturday night where many Ecohousers and some non-Ecohousers were in attendance. Games and festivities were conducted and it was wonderful.


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