Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cooperative Coop Design

As you may or may not know, Spring Valley Student Farm currently has 7 resident chickens living happily in their little coop out in the garden. Recently, though we have begun to feel that 7 chickens simply isn't enough so we have decided to get more of these fine feathered fowl.These additional birds will be kept up at the second house which now means, eggs for everyone!
In order for us to get more chickens however, there has to be a place for them to live. So a few of us farmers took the liberty of drawing up some blueprints for our new chicken coop.
The coop can either be built from scratch or modified from our existing rabbit hutch.

The design includes 6 laying boxes (3 on each side) as well as an enclosed area beneath the coop where the chickens can scratch about during the day. One feature that we thought would be very important is the wide hatch located on the front of the coop. This would make cleaning the coop and feeding and watering the hens much easier.
And hopefully the chickens will love it too.



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