Thursday, September 19, 2013

A day at the farm

At four weeks into the school semester I think it’s safe to say I’m beginning to adjust to life at Spring Valley Farm. Really, living here is no different from living any other place on or off campus. 

As in most places, mornings start with the autumn sun rising lazily over the horizon. 

On a good day I check the chicken coop for eggs and pick fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden. 

I lay a skillet on the stove and fry myself up an omelet accompanied with freshly baked bread, and a hot cup of tea. 

And if there are no early morning classes to worry about I sit out on the hill, next to our house, and sip at my tea while the gentle buzzing of bees in our apiary warms my ears. 

Like I said, no different from any other place off or on campus. 

And every Friday, on our volunteer days, students from campus get to experience a day at the farm for themselves. During these volunteer days, students assist in all manners of task from harvesting green peas to uprooting potatoes.

For new visitors to the farm we usually offer a tour. We take students, volunteers and visitors around our acre of land and give them a look at what we have growing that season. We also take them around a smaller plot of land by the farm's upper house and our newly emerging edible forest garden. 

After showing our guest around we usually allow them to try a hand at some farm work if interested.

 Last week students got to take part in pulling out the smaller plot I mentioned (next to the upper house), harvesting it for spaghetti gourds, green peas, and corn, and then preparing it to be replanted with cover crop.

Whatever task we take on for that day we always make a fun time of doing it. So if you haven't been down to the farm and want to see what's up, volunteer days take place on Friday from 4-6 and transportation leaves from Sprague parking lot to bring you there.

Swing by! 

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