Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SVF is Savin' Some Energy!

Since being environmentally friendly is what we're all about at SVF we are determined to make some home improvements to be more energy efficient.  Andrew helped to get us going by signing up for the Neighbor to Neighbor Lightening Program. This free  program is a team of Clean Energy Corps members who come to your house and replace incandescent bulbs with regular and speciality CFL light bulbs in high use areas. By doing this, the program estimates you can save up to 5oo kilowatt hours which translates into at least $100 a year. Not bad!

The Corps members also calculate your own personal energy savings, provide ways in which you can further save energy by signing up for their Home Energy Solutions and CTCleanEnergyOption programs, and teach you about earning special rewards for your community.

Here are the results for the SVF house:

  • Cut our electricity use by an estimated 399 kilowatt hours per year
  • Now save $71 a year from this reduction (more $$$ for seeds and chickens! Woo!)
  • Reduced electricity demand by 526 watts of power which is the equivalent of electricity generated from 1.6 200 watt solar photovoltaic panels installed on our roof
  • Our actions have resulted in our Town of Mansfield
We even supported our local community in more ways than one! One of the Corps members who helped us reduce our energy impact was a recent graduate of UConn! Small world...

Reduce your energy consumption and check out the Neighbor to Neighbor to Lighting Program  by clicking on the link. 

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